Geomec Engineering
provides subsurface injection services
for oil & gas operators worldwide

Main Services

GeoTool Inject is a monitoring & analysis software with technical support
for disposal, pressure-support and shale-stimulation injection wells

Geomec Injection Center offers dedicated technical support-services
including field & well planning, operational follow-up and problem solving

Disposal Wells for CRI (drilling) and PWRI (production) can be the safest, most reliable and best economical option

Pressure Support can have a major impact on production, ultimate recovery-rate and asset life-span

Shale Stimulation (fracking) is all about creating dense fracture-networks, to unlock the hydrocarbons in a controlled manner

Stewardship is at the heart of Geomec’s value proposition

Geomec delivers enhanced visibility & control for injection wells
(by converting well & reservoir data into operational information)
ensuring optimized production & safety
, cost-savings and automation

Increased Production & Storage

Avoid out of zone injection; ensure 100% «injection as planned»; improve production and ultimate recovery; increase storage (disposal)

Enhanced Visibility & Control

Fast and accurate data extraction; convert data systematically into actionable intelligence; improve quality of inputs into key decisions

Improved Automation & Efficiency

Automate daily monitoring and analysis; improve the efficiency and safety of repetitive tasks; improve overall operating efficiency

Risk Management (QCQA)

Prevent problems with 24/7 monitoring and customised alarms; detect and diagnose earliest signs of injection anomalies; intervene early and effectively; HSE/GRC

Cost Management

Avoid unnecessary CAPEX; reduce OPEX (wasted consumables, project delays etc.); low cost «insurance» against high cost events (well loss, large leaks)

"Injection plays a critical role in key oil & gas processes"

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Organization Chart

Worldwide Locations

  • Offices
  • Stavanger, Norway
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Agent (KSA)
  • Zamil Trade & Services
  • Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Board of Directors

  • Chairman
  • William McCall
  • Vice Chairman
  • Herbjørn Tjeltveit
  • Members
  • Arne Frøiland
  • Gro G. Kielland
  • Martin Sigmundstad
  • Jarle Steen Stueflotten

Advisory Board

  • Chairman
  • Jonathan Lyons
  • Vice Chairman
  • Euripides Papamichos
  • Members
  • Arlene Campbell
  • Hardy H. Nielsen
  • Robert Brough
  • Frederic J. Santarelli

Senior Management

  • General
  • Jarle Steen Stueflotten (CEO)
  • Sebastian Risbakken (CSO)
  • Technical
  • Frederic J. Santarelli (CTO)
  • Francesco Sanfilippo (R&D)

Latest News

OMV: Geomec signs contract, covering field & well planning (pressure-support)

Lundin: Geomec signs contract, covering field & well planning and start-up (pressure-support)

Saudi Aramco: Geomec performs feasibility pilots, covering injection monitoring (pressure-support)

ConocoPhillips: Geomec renews Frame-Agreement, covering CRI monitoring (disposal wells)

Statoil: Geomec signs Frame-Agreement, covering CRI monitoring (disposal wells)

R&D Grants: Geomec receives soft-funding from Innovate UK (fracking) and Forskningsrådet (IOR)