Geomec Engineering
provides subsurface injection services
for oil & gas operators worldwide

Main Services

Geomec GeoTool Inject is a monitoring & analysis software with technical support,
for subsurface injection operations (disposal, pressure-support and stimulation)

The Geomec Injection Center also offers dedicated technical support services,
within field & well planning, daily operations, and general auditing and problem solving

Disposal Wells for CRI (drilling) and PWRI (production) can be the safest, most reliable and best economical option

Pressure Support can have a major impact on production, ultimate recovery-rate and asset life-span

Shale Stimulation (fracking) is all about creating dense fracture-networks, to unlock the hydrocarbons in a controlled manner

Stewardship is at the heart of Geomec’s value proposition

Increased Production & Storage

Avoid out of zone injection; ensure 100% «injection as planned»; improve production and ultimate recovery; increase storage (disposal)

Enhanced Visibility & Control

Fast and accurate data extraction; convert data systematically into actionable intelligence; improve quality of inputs into key decisions

Improved Automation & Efficiency

Automate daily monitoring and analysis; improve the efficiency and safety of repetitive tasks; improve overall operating efficiency

Risk Management (QCQA)

Prevent problems with 24/7 monitoring and customised alarms; detect and diagnose earliest signs of injection anomalies; intervene early and effectively; HSE/GRC

Cost Management

Avoid unnecessary CAPEX; reduce OPEX (wasted consumables, project delays etc.); low cost «insurance» against high cost events (well loss, large leaks)

"Injection plays a critical role in key oil & gas processes"

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Organization Chart

Worldwide Locations

  • Offices
  • Stavanger, Norway
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Denver, United States
  • Agent (KSA)
  • Zamil Trade & Services
  • Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • (Attn. Jay Kumar)

Board of Directors

  • Chairman
  • William McCall
  • Vice Chairman
  • Herbjørn Tjeltveit
  • Members
  • Arne Frøiland
  • Gro Gauthun Kielland
  • Martin Sigmundstad
  • (Jarle Steen Stueflotten)

Advisory Board

  • Chairman
  • Johnny Lyons
  • Vice Chairman
  • Euripides Papamichos
  • Members
  • Arlene Campbell
  • Hardy H Nielsen
  • Soon Available
  • (James C.J. Stein)

Senior Management

  • General
  • Jarle Steen Stueflotten (CEO)
  • James C.J. Stein (COO)
  • Sebastian Risbakken (CCO)
  • Technical
  • Frederic J. Santarelli (CTO)
  • Francesco Sanfilippo (CSO)
  • Kjetil Thorsen (CPO)

Latest News

ADIPEC 2015: Geomec exhibits at the Conference & Exhibition in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

ESGOS 2015: Geomec exhibits and presents at the Conference & Exhibition in Manchester (UK)

Lundin: Geomec signs contract, covering NCS pressure-support wells (field planning & well start-up)

ConocoPhillips: Geomec renews Frame-Agreement, covering NCS disposal wells (cri monitoring)

Statoil: Geomec signs Frame-Agreement, covering NCS disposal wells (cri & pwri monitoring)

Innovate UK: Geomec receives R&D funding, covering UK shale-stimulation (feasibility)